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Why You Should Respect Your Body Needs & How To Coordinate With Body

Respect Your Body Needs To Get Fit & Hit

Most of us take our body for granted and we never pay attention to the needs of the body. body is such a faithful servant in all our activities. if you want to go deep in spirituality or do any activity then you need to have a sound body. but very rarely, we thank our body.

it is sad that in current time, anything which comes free is often not respected our life is a gift of god to us and we do so many bad things in our life our body is our faithful servant for so many years and we never respect it plants give us free oxygen, shade and fruits but we keep on cutting themwe keep on harming the ecology of our planet in so many ways.

Men is violent not only with others but with himself too. the violent behavior of men towards other human beings and mother earth is easily visible but the violence of men towards his own body is so subtle that it is difficult to notice it men often abuses his own body in so many ways that ultimately body gives up and loses its vitality and strength.

Lets find out when do & don’t respect our body needs:

1. Food: so many times we overeat and let the body system struggle to digest the food. so many times we eat food which is not good for body and does not give proper nourishment to the body. many times, we stay hungry because we don’t have time for eating food as we give more important to other tasks.

2. Clothes: many of us wear tight fitting clothes like jeans and it simply suffocates the body. now we are so much used to wearing tight fitting clothes that we won’t even notice the impact of these tight fitting clothes to our body I remember, reading the biography of a famous tibetan monk ‘lobsang rampa’ who was brought up in a monastery.

he says that when first time, he was made to wear pant, shirt, shoes and tie at a young age then it was very difficult for him to walk wearing tight pants and shoes he found them too much uncomfortable and suffocating.

3. Shoes: so many times we unnecessary wear shocks and shoes and that too heavy shoes why can’t we simply wear floaters or chappals? so many times women wear high heel sandals which are really bad for their health.

4. Sleep:

• do we all get enough sleep?
• do we sleep as per our natural body clock?
• do we miss our sleep because we want to watch a movie?

the answer to all these above question will decide whether you are nicely treating your body or not

5. Oxygen: oxygen is essential to our survival but we never think about it. it is one of the most ignored aspect in modern way of living. most of us choose a house without considering the number of plants in the neighborhood. do we ever consider the area under greenery in the city where we are living? many of us have balcony or courtyard where we can plant some small flowers or trees or useful herbs like mint, coriander or holy basil.

6. Eating non-vegetarian food: human body is made to eat vegetarian food only eating non-vegetarian food is forcing the body to work against its design which is made by god. its a known fact that non-vegetarian food makes us more violent and angry. non vegetarian food is also not good for peaceful or meditative life. all the major religions and spiritual masters have encouraged vegetarian diet for spiritual seekers.

7. Alcohol and smoking: drinking alcohol simply means that we are not able to face our life problems and we want to drown our self into unconsciousness so that we forget our worries, troubles or pain. at time, alcohol is taken to feel a high moment or intoxicated state. which just proves that our daily life is not creative and we are not finding joy in life.

So one should focus on becoming more creative and finding small things which gives you joy. smoking is an act of distracting our attention from our worries and tension smoking and alcohol both are not good for our emotional as well as physical well being.

8. Physical exercise: to keep our body fit we need some amount of physical exercise. the modern lifestyle does not demand much work or effort from our body and most of the time we are doing sedentary work so to keep the body fit we need to make yoga, pranayama or morning walks part of our lifestyle.

9. Pesticides in food: nowadays our body also has to face the onslaught of pesticides and chemicals which have become part of our food chain and drinking water resources. Are we conscious about this front and doing something about it?

10. Cleanliness: we should always keep our body clean and should never interfere in the natural functioning of body.

  • body needs are very simple.
  • body needs good food… the food which nourishes the body.
  • body needs proper rest and sleep. the sleep which is deep and without dreams.
  • body needs oxygen, fresh air and clean surrounding.
  • body needs some amount of exercise every day.

always pay attention to body signals as through these signals body is trying to communicate its needs to us but we simply ignore these signals as we don’t respect our body and take it for granted. body needs are simple and are easy to fulfill and they must always be fulfilled if you want to stay healthy then always fulfill body needs i hope, all of us wants to stay healthy… so better be friendly with your body body is our best friend and it serves us faithfully everyday without any salary.

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