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Reduce Stress Levels & Dosha Get De-Stress With Ayurveda

reduce stress anxiety dosha ayurveda

Ayurveda can Help You to overcome with stress level if You having the knowledge of Vata dosha, Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha , we can recover with anxiety disorder , panic attack and fear. if we avail the Ayurvedic medicine we can deal with stress management or how to reduce stress.

Vata dosha creates the stress by having too many thing going at one time. Too many things to keep track of. The outset, vata dosha likes the variety having so many things going on. Over time though that will deplete the system.

Vata dosha when under stress has overwhelming response of fear, worry and anxiety. It eventually looks for an escape, they don’t deal with their stresses but rather choose to cut and run.

Pitta dosha creates stress from a different perspective. Pitta dosha creates stress by keeping its focus on one goal. Mostly it results in lack of self-care and trading of self-care for goal.

When pitta person experiences the stress that can be driven by deadline or anything being out of their control, their digestive system goes off as well. Pitta’s challenge is that they have too little nutrition coming in but because of their drive there is lot of demand on the body. This may result in generation of too much heat, resulting in liver dysfunction. They also end up burning up excess hormones.

In the short term, even the pitta will gain weight. This weight gain is driven by stress, and not driven by lack of proper diet and exercise. So even if you change their diet and exercise, but don’t reduce stress, there will be no change in your weight. All this causes problems in the endocrine system and we are right back to the expression of premenstrual syndrome and other symptoms in the body.

The overall effect of stress is disturbance in the mind. The mind becomes disturb by this hormonal irregularity, the lack of nourishment and you may see symptoms of vata pitta or kapha in the workings of the mind and emotions.

Pitta dosha under stress experiences more anger, they become more critical, they blame other for creation of their anger, they are more likely to form a plan and directly confront their anger. It doesn’t remove the heat and intensity but make them feels like they are in better control.

Kapha dosha doesn’t tend to be as disturbed by stress as vata or pitta, because they bring out largest ability to the table. When kapha dosha is under stress, they layoff of going on work.

And, if some mortgage is due, something that’s going to fuel a kapha to imbalance is a threat to their security. They may respond by actually hungering down and doing less, they disengage. Kapha simply pulls back and may go to sleep. They may wait, or withdraw from the stress until they feel that they can comeback with a fresh mind and look it as new.

10 Ways To Get Stress Free with Ayurveda

A Silent Lunch Without Stress : 

Once you get to work, the work will be what work is, But when it is time for your lunch break, eat your meal in silence without the stress of work around you. If possible eat you lunch while you are looking at nature or in a quiet zone and, certainly not in front of the computer or reading. Do not distract yourself from your food. This will help you create an island of calmness in you.

Relaxation Quickie for Reduce Stress : 

If you have a few spare minutes, try relaxation techniques like going for a walk or doing meditation.

Let There Be Peace: 

Always aim to be calm and grounded before you engage in any stressful activity. And once that activity is over bring back your calmness and serenity. By incorporating these islands of serenity into your day, you can tolerate the stresses in your life with much ease.

If you evaluate the stresses in your life, you could begin to ask yourself how can you address the stressors ? Is it something that you can be free of?

Removal Of ‘Ama’:

 For eliminating ‘ama’ it is recommended that you may see an ayurvedic practitioner. Cleansing rituals like Panchakarma practiced under supervision will help you with the same.

Food Therapy According to Ayurveda : 

Pay attention to your diet. Eat whole foods, fresh and organic foods. Avoid processed foods, foods that are rich in pesticides or foods that are rich in preservatives. By keeping the diet whole fresh organic, you’ll have a greater possibility for getting good nutrition from your food that will translate into clean tissue. Make sure that you eat portion sizes that are well cooked and spiced, so you don’t have any digestive disturbance. And, if you can digest your food without any gas, bloating, burning, belching and heaviness, then you can pretty safely assume you are not generating new toxicity from your digestive system.

Pure Water: 

It is extremely important that the water that you consume is clean. This will help you remove ‘ama’ from the tissues. Even to support your liver you want to make sure that you drink plenty of water during the day. Or, alternatively you could spike up the flavour of water, by drinking any kind of herbal tea that will support cleansing of the liver like red raspberry, red clover, dandelion, milk thistle, burdock or acacia tea, these are all herbs that have positive affect on the liver.


Daily dose of exercise maybe the best way to stabilize dhatu Agni.

Sleep Early As Ayurveda Recommend :  

Getting enough sleep is essential for your body as it gives liver sufficient time to clear the blood. Ayurveda recommends that you get into bed by 10 PM to have time to clear the blood. So bed by 10 pm is typically recommended for ayurvedic lifestyle which you could consider getting enough sleep during the night to be beneficial for the liver. The liver time is said to be between 10 pm and 2 am. Really between 10 and 2 is the primary time when the liver is getting its work done.

Avoid Drugs, Alcohol & Sugar:  

All of these are things must be processed out of the blood by the liver. By avoiding them at the very beginning, you have a better opportunity to keep your liver free of disturbance and free of debris. Similarly, if you make sure that anything you put in is free of pesticides and preservatives, you get one step closer to making sure the liver’s job is done very easily.

Skincare Essentials:  

Do not put anything on your skin that you can’t put in your mouth. Anything that goes in on to the skin has a possibility of being absorbed into the body and it has to be processed at the liver. That is why Ayurveda recommends using natural oils on the skin like sesame oil because your liver can easily digest it.