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Muhurta -Why Indians Prefer Auspicious Time To Start New Projects

Muhurta : Why Indians Prefer Auspicious Time To Start New Projects – Bharat (India) is the land of wisdom. The science was developed in India but Indians never commercialized it. The western scientist choose to explore the outer world and created a materialistic world. Whereas the great sages of India choose to explore the inner world and gave importance to spirituality over materialism.

The above fact is not applicable to current generation of bharat, as some of them are slowly choosing western values over eastern values. But that was not the case before. For thousand of years the genius of india have worked on exploring inner secrets of life. Thus we have the complete science of ayurveda, yoga, meditation, vaastu shastra, astrology and so on.

Astrology is a divine science. Astrology not only determines your future based upon your past karmas. But it also take into consideration the relation between you and the cosmic energies. Nobody is an island. We are part of one big world and affecting each other life with our thoughts, energies and actions. If everything depends upon you then you don’t need any muhurta or any auspicious time to start a activity. You just need to find out when you are free and in a good mood to start a work and then you can begin that activity. In a way, this philosophy is good. That is “do something when you are ready for it and don’t wait for any auspicious time”.

Even i follow this philosophy most of the time. I never check muhurta unless i need to do something very important and crucial in life. But this philosophy is good as far as your energies are concerned. But you are totally clueless about the support of cosmic energies in the success of your plan. So if you want to choose a time when cosmic energies are also favoring you then you have to use muhurta. In old days, muhurta played a very important role as life was uncertain. There were not many facilities of communication and travelling. So they used muhurta to know the best possible time to start any activity or their journeys. Thanks to western scientists, life has become safe but at the same time money oriented and self-centered.

So how muhurta helps us – muhurta is basically knowing the best possible time to start a work. It could be marriage, starting a new business, doing a religious ceremeny, making a big investment or going out for a big journey. Muhurta will tell you the time when the cosmic energies are favourable to you or to start the activity. But don’t take it for granted that by using muhurta time to start a new activity you will always succeed. Muhurta does not guarantee that.

Muhurta is just telling you a favourable time but its not guaranteeing the success. Yes your chances of success increases by some percentage, if you choose to use the right muhurta. E.g. a joke but a reality…. If you work in a crowded city like bangalore then good muhurta to leave for your office is before 8 am or after 9 am. Because you might get stuck in traffic hours between 8 to 9 am, similarly don’t leave for your home from office after 5 pm. Leave after 6:30. Otherwise you will again get stuck in traffic.

So if you follow muhurta then most of the time things will be more favourable for you. E.g. if you have a meeting with a person then the person is in good mood or will come in time.

So Muhurta determines the best time to do events as per cosmic laws. So if you follow muhurta time then you get a subtle advantage as you are riding with the tide and not against it. E.g. if you want to plant trees then do it one or two month before monsoon. Because in 1-2 months time the plants will take some roots in the earth and you need to water them for 1 month only and after that monsoon will take care of them. Or take another example, if you want to do heavy body building exercises then do it in winters instead of summers.

Although using muhurta is good but don’t be rigid about it. Give preference to muhurta as one of the factor but it should not become the deciding factor. Give importance to other factors also like your mood to start the activity, your energy levels and other supportive factors.

Best is to use both the methods and don’t be biased with anyone. When you are really interested in starting a new activity and your energies are moving in that direction and your inner voice also supports that decision then go for it. In this case, you can ignore the muhurta.

But if you are not sure about your decision or confused. And you also want every possible help in your project then consult the muhurta.