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Why Hindu Bride Pushes Rice Pot on Entering Groom Home

Indain Bride wedding Traditions

There are many popular post Indian wedding Tradition which are followed by Indian Bride in Hindu Wedding Ceremony. one of them is related with how the Indian bride is going to put her first feet inside the groom home. when the Indian bride enters the groom house first time then she pulls up her Indian wedding dressgently pushes the glass (or pot) filled with rice. it is done with her right feet in such a way that rice is pushed inside the house.

It is believed that Hindu bride is the laxmi (goddess of wealth and prosperity) of the house. she is going to manage the house affairs. in many families, the mother in law hand over the charge of house as well as financial department to the bride.

Hindus believe that every person brings its own destiny.

it is commonly believed that some feet bring fortune in the house and some feet are so inauspicious that when such a person enters the house then slowly the fortune of the family start falling down. so this custom is done to signify that bride has come to your home in the form of laxmi and she will bring wealth, fortune and prosperity in the house.

this is because in hindu belief system, pot (or glass) filled with rice is a symbol of prosperity. the pot is completely filled which shows that there is abundance in the house and rice is used in many auspicious occasions. so when the bride pushes the pot completely filled with rice with her right foot (not left foot) inside the home then it signifies that she will bring prosperity and fortune in the home.

Indian Bride Dip Both Feet in Red Kumkum

there is one more similar custom followed by many families. the bride is made to dip both her feet in a big tray (preferably silver) containing solution of vermillion (red kumkum) and water. then she enter inside the house by putting her right foot first. her footprints (first 7 steps) are imprinted across the home as she walks. this also signifies that the goddess laxmi has entered inside the home bringing prosperity and fortune to the groom family.

at the entrance of most hindu homes, you can see pair of feet on either side of door. these feet are pointed towards the entry of house (incoming) and put during the grih parvesh pooja (first house warming ceremony). they represent goddess laxmi feet and signify that goddess laxmi has come to your house during the grih parvesh pooja and will bless you with fortune and prosperity. one can buy these goddess laxmi feet from any shop selling pooja material for around 20 rupees.

another important thing about hindu rituals is that right hand is used while performing them. as all the auspicious work are done with the right hand and not with left hand. thus during such ceremonies or grih parvesh ceremony, always put your right foot first.

p.s. in the above photo, bride is wearing silver toe ring. there is a reason why married hindu women wear silver toe rings.