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Step By Step Instructions To Tune In To Your Instinct Or Internal Voice Of Soul

Listen Inner Voice – Step By Step Guide to Listen Voice of Soul  

One thing which is common between all of us is that we all have a soul and we all get guidance from it in the form of intuition or inner voice. However the differentiating factor is that many people ignore the inner voice of soul and some people pay more attention to it.

Listening to inner voice over the voice of ego can save you from committing big blunders in life. One thing which is like a god grace to all human being is that the inner voice always warns you when you are making any wrong decision. There is always a subtle voice which stops you from making the wrong decision. But the problem is that in the big noise of thoughts roaming inside the mind, this subtle inner voice at times is not heard and at times people choose to ignore it.

Some people think from mind, some people feel from heart and some people choose to follow the inner voice or intuition. I belong to the category who always give first preference to the inner voice. If there is no guidance from intuition then i use the mind where logical decisions are concerned and i listen to my heart where feminine principles of life like love, sharing, trust, compassion etc are concerned.

1. Relax Yourself First

First of all don’t think too much over the problem. Relax yourself totally. Because when you are relaxed then creative ideas can come to you. If you are too much worried then in the crowd of thoughts your inner voice will get lost. So relax your body and mind. Get centered from within. Try to have minimum thoughts in the mind. Less thoughts means you are more closer to reality as well as to your inner center.

2. Don’t force your intuition over a situation

Intuition is something which comes to you. You cannot force it to come to you. So you have to wait for the inner guidance to come to you. Its not like a switch which you can turn it off and on. So wait for some time or days for inner guidance or clarity to come to you for a critical decision. If it does not come then use your mind or heart to make the decision.

3. Never suppress the Inner voice

The more you follow the inner voice, the more audible and clear it becomes. And the more you suppress the inner voice of soul, the more it becomes subtle and weak over a period of time. So never ignore and suppress the intuition because this is your best guide in life. Trust the inner voice whatever it says. When you get the guidance then follow it. Once your intuition guides you then ignore the mind because it will always create doubt, fear and confusion inside you. Because of mind interference many people miss listening to the inner voice.

4. Remain a distance watcher of the situation

The more you are involved in the situation, more difficult it becomes to get the right guidance from soul. Give yourself a break from the situation and create a distance between you and the problem. Do something else. It will give a break to your mind and suddenly you can have a flash of intuition.

But nothing is guaranteed as i said before you cannot force the intuition. Inner voice is like a god gift to us for making the right decision. So at the most you can do is to watch the situation as if you are not involved in it or try doing something else to distract your mind from the current situation. Always watch the situation from a distance without getting identified with it.

5. Focus Your attention on problem without trying to find any solution

This is a little advance method and might only suit those people who are into meditation or yoga and this is totally opposite to the previous suggestion of going away from the problem or creating distance with the problem. In this method, we bring our whole attention to the problem. Sit relax and close your eyes. Bring your total attention or consciousness into the issue. Now your mind will start throwing its solutions or ideas to you.

Just watch the thoughts passively and bring your attention back to the problem. After some time the mind will slow down. As the mind is slowing down, you will start having more clarity about the issue. In fact many times the whole problem is created because of the over thinking of mind. So keep your attention on the problem and once you get centered and thought-less over a period of time, you will get more and more clarity about the issue. When you are totally centered and thoughtless, then you will get the guidance from the soul.

6. Learn to Differentiate between inner voice and voice of mind (ego)

Another very important point is the ability to recognize the inner voice. Because it is so subtle that it can easily get lost in the cloud of thoughts. The benchmark is that if you follow your inner voice then you will always be at ease from within. It will bring harmony and unity inside you. You won’t have any regret or second thought. On the other hand, when you choose to suppress inner voice and follow the mind then you will feel subtley that you have done something wrong.

There won’t be peace, harmony or balance inside you. It creates conflict and dis-harmony inside you. It is little tricky to explain but you have to feel the situation from within. Over a period of time you will get the knack to recognize the inner voice and ignore the voice of ego or mind. You might make few mistakes initially but that is the part of learning curve in any skill. So don’t be scared of making few initial mistakes because once you know how to recognize your inner voice then you are going to make very few mistakes in life.

7. Live a honest and ethical Life

Listening and recognizing the inner voice is more easier if you live a honest and ethical life. In fact the first thing you have to cheat before becoming a corrupt person is yourself. To live an unethical life, you have to first kill your inner voice. So people who choose to live honest life are the one who always listen to their inner voice and ignore the temptations of the mind. So speak truth, be honest and live an ethical life and you will always be in touch with your soul.

Choose the decision which makes your soul happy. Forget the mind, forget the heart, follow the soul. In the end, the criteria is that you should always be at peace from within after making the decision. Peace of soul is more important than anything else in the world.