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Why Hindus Draw Rangoli, Get Know The Reason Behind That

indian rangoli
simple rangoli designs

Drawing A Rangoli Designs In Front of Home is a common practice in many hindu homes. even my parsi neighbour aunty Search Diffrent rangoli images & Creates rangoli patterns Everyday. during my visit to shirdi sai baba temple in maharashtra i saw people selling rangoli art structure for making readymade rangoli designs.

many people draw the rangoli patterns everyday. some do it only on festive occasions. the design of rangoli varies from region to region. it not only look aesthetic but is also considered auspicious. although many people love the rangoli pattern but not many people know the reason for drawing rangoli.

Reason Behind Drawing Rangoli Pattern

you are not an island. everything around you affects your emotional state. through your five senses you are absorbing the energy patterns around you. the sound, the sight, the smell, the touch and the subtle energy around you makes a difference in your psyche and in your emotional state.

E.g. when you chant Om mantra then it creates very harmonious vibrations around you. it relaxes you. The western scientist noted the pattern which sound creates on the sand. They observed that chanting of Om mantra creates very harmonious pattern in the sand. Whereas when you shout or get angry then the resultant design created on sand is very ugly. Similarly, when you see a beautiful painting or a person then you feel well from within. if you see an ugly face then it does not leave a good taste inside you. The beautiful scenery or the sight of sunset or sunrise creates harmony and peace inside you. that’s why in Hinduism lot of importance is given on seeing auspicious things. Because it leaves a positive state inside you.

as far as beauty is concerned, one should be beautiful from within. one should not think bad, act bad or feel bad about anyone. Although outer beauty is not in your hand but everyone should try to remain neat and clean in the outer world as well. Because your appearance makes an impact on the people who sees you. it also makes an impact on you when you see yourself in the mirror.

Drawing A Rangoli Art Creates Subtle Harmony 

when women draw rangoli everyday or during festive occasions, then it creates a subtle harmony inside them. They feel good from within. This is because most of the rangoli designs are harmonious. They are passed from generation to generation. Our ancestors have discovered these harmonious rangoli designs.

Moreover, anyone who enters the house also feel good seeing the beautiful and harmonious pattern of rangoli. Over a period of time, when you enter your home many times, then this subtle difference which rangoli pattern makes over your psyche becomes big. Slowly over a period of time it can make you more peaceful and harmonious.

Drawing rangoli is an attempt to bring harmony inside you. it is like giving opportunity to you to change your mood and become peaceful from within. but one need to be sensitive to pay attention to rangoli. Nowadays in this fast paced life we often ignore such subtle things like rangoli.

so for many people who are totally engrossed in their thinking, rangoli design may not make a big difference. but for someone who loves beauty or is a art lover or is a sensitive person, the rangoli design can trigger a beautiful experience inside him. it can create harmony inside him. so it varies from person to person.

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