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Simplest Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion


A stuffy or running nose is a very common sight which usually occurs because of common cold, influenza, an allergic reaction or may be due to chronic allergies like hay fever. But sometimes a blocked nose might also be a sign of sinus infection.

When the body develops a cold or an allergy, the membranes that are present in the nose are aggravated that leads it to swell up, and also to overproduction of mucus which makes it difficult to breathe. Nasal congestion can occur at any age, but it can be very dangerous for infants as it may impair their breathing which can cause respiratory diseases like asthma, in the future. If the congestion is very severe it may even cause uncontrollable nasal discharge, loss of appetite, pain in different parts of the body, headaches, irregular sleep and blocked ears.

Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

There are various drugs that are available in the market for nasal congestion. But the Ayurvedic treatments are gaining popularity as it is very effective and has no side effects. Ayurvedic remedy for nasal congestion includes many herbs that are very easily found around us.

  • Ajwain One of the oldest and most reliable Ayurvedic remedies for nasal congestion is with the use of ajwain. You can take a small quantity of ajwain in a clean cloth and heat it in a vessel and later sniff it. This would help you in clearing the blocked passage.
  • Garlic Not only ajwain even garlic can help you get rid of nasal congestion. You can make a mixture of garlic juice, juice of holy basil, crushed pepper corns, clove and honey and drink it to help you clear the nasal bock.
  • Use of lukewarm water If you are prone to cold it is always advisable to avoid cold water but rather drink lukewarm water after meals.
  • Intake of fluids You should also drink a lot of fluids regularly. Drinking soups have been found very beneficial for a congested nose – drinking hot, clear soups would also provide the necessary protein to fight cold.
  • Use of Anu oil Anu oil acts on nasal membranes and as per Ayurvedic belief nose is the path to the brain, so the use of anu oil is also effective for the brain disorders. This oil is a good remedy for inflammation of nasal mucosa, sinusitis, headache, weak eyesight, memory loss, chronic catarrh, cataract and several other diseases.

Nasal congestion is very common and you can easily find a treatment for it in the herbs that are found around you or with the help of Ayurvedic medication.

Lifestyle changes for blocked Nose

Along with the above mentioned ayurvedic treatment for nose block, it is also recommended to incorporate certain life style changes.

  1.  People susceptible to cold should avoid cold water and should consume lukewarm water after meals.
  2.  They must also avoid exposure to cold winds and air conditioners.
  3.  They should keep their head and chest fully covered with woollen garments in winter season.
  4.   Intake of consume food items rich in vitamins and minerals to strengthen natural immunity.

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